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10 Reasons I Love “Nextdoor”, And You Will Too!

10 Reasons I Love “Nextdoor”, And You Will Too!

I was invited in June of 2015 by a neighbor to join "", a social networking site. At first I was hesitant, as I am already on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a number of other social networking websites. Why in the world would I need to be on one more? While I was still incredibly skeptical about joining another social network, I decided to give it a try, and I'm absolutely glad I did!

What is Nextdoor?

Nextdoor is the free and private social network for you, your neighbors and your community. It's currently used in over 120,000 communities with millions of members across the United States.

Essentially, Nextdoor allows you to connect with your neighbors and nearby neighborhoods online. Some of it's features include; messaging, classified ads, lost and found, community calendars, crime and safety information from neighbors and local agencies, and local business recommendations and reviews.

"Right now, millions of people are using Nextdoor to get the word out about a break-in, are organizing neighborhood watch groups, looking for a trustworthy babysitter, searching for local contractors to paint their home, asking for help to find a lost dog or cat, trying to get rid of an old bike they've outgrown, and are finally learning what that nice old lady down the street's name is". ~ Bill Gelwick, Digital Advertising Consultant

Nextdoor was initially launched within the United States in October 2011, but in February 2016 the service became available within The Netherlands too. It competes with other social networks. However, Nextdoor challenges that it's better than Facebook since it's membership base is entirely invitation only and each members identify is verified, so you don't have to deal with strangers; questionable businesses and impersonators who stalk you to add you as a friend, then later message you their ingenuine and solicited spam, in many cases, so-called "business opportunities".

Nextdoor Hopes to Bring Communities Together.

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"The thing I like most about NextDoor is that each member you are connected with is a neighbor and has a vested interest in the same neighborhood and community as you. This is something we all instantly have in common, and makes the community a richer social networking experience". ~ Kirk Ball, President of Wren Insurance Agency

10 Reasons I Love Nextdoor.

  1. Nextdoor makes it's easy to meet and find out who your neighbors are. You might even make a friend or few.
  2. You can connect with local law enforcement agencies to stay in the know of what's going on in your neighborhood and nearby.
  3. Although there is no business advertising permitted, there is tremendous potential within the Nextdoor platform to get a great deal of business and leads. Provide value and don't SPAM anyone and you'll get along just fine.
  4. You can review and recommend local businesses to other members within your neighborhood and surrounding area's.
  5. Buy, sell and trade anything with your neighbors. Nextdoor would no doubt be an asset for anyone trying to plan or find yard sales nearby.
  6. If your pet is lost, let your neighbors know to keep an eye out. Nextdoor has been reuniting lost dogs and cats with their loved one's for years.
  7. Share and plan events with your neighborhood. Nextdoor really makes this super easy.
  8. Report or find missing possessions. Nextdoor makes it easy to let your neighbors know if you find something outside, such as near the pool, the mail boxes, or by the tennis court, etc. Who know's, it may be you that loses something.
  9. You can invite anyone to Nextdoor. No matter if it's your uncle in Florida, your Aunt in New York, Mother in Hawaii, or the guy across the street, you can invite anyone you'd like to Nextdoor.
  10. Everyone that uses Nextdoor is a real person. The fact that all members are verified humans, makes Nextdoor a safe place to communicate with real people that you know.

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