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5 Website Trends That’s Paving The Way for Web Design

5 Website Trends That’s Paving The Way for Web Design

Web design is one of those professions that is constantly evolving and in order to continuously set yourself apart from the competition, you must stay on top of the current website trends and look towards the future.

Now is the time to impress your future customers by showing off how ready your website is for 2017 and beyond. In order to do that, let’s take a quick peak at the current website trends that will pave the way for web design this year.

Responsive Mobile-first Design

Mobile devices have been found to be the primary source of all browsing on the internet. That is the main reason we see brands taking importance to how they deliver their sites effectively to smaller screen devices, such as tablets and mobile phones. In 2017, more preeminence will be placed on websites being created around a mobile-first design. Designers will continue to place more importance on mobile view besides what the site actually looks like on a laptop. Businesses that do not yet have a responsive mobile first design will start to shift this year in high numbers.

The Importance of Using Original Photos

Website trends (primarily web design trends) are making sites look and work alike. More and more customers are looking for creativity and authenticity from brands. Stock photos just aren’t going to cut it anymore. Brands are going to need to set themselves apart from their competitors and using original photos can help them deliver their message more effectively to their potential and current customers. This year, we expect to see more brands using original photos on their websites, within social media posts and in their ad copy.

Bold Large Typography

Preeminence will be placed more on bold large typography. Brands want to make a statement, bring more life to their pages, and the ever increasing importance of using call-to-action text is leading this trend for brands to start using more bold large typography throughout their websites, especially above-the-fold and within blog articles. You can expect to see more websites this year use bold large typography throughout their websites in all difference sections.

Long Scrolling, Single-Page sites, and Infinitely Scrolling Sites

Long scrolling, single-page sites, and infinitely scrolling sites are becoming more and more common. With the ever increasing amount of different screen sizes users have to choose from, a lot of designers have started to focus on long scrolling, single-page sites, and infinitely scrolling sites which are proving to be even more functional on tablets and mobile phones. Another important aspect is user experience. Long scrolling, single-page sites, and infinitely scrolling sites can make navigating the website a lot easier and eliminates the user from having to click to reach additional content. The more clicks they are from reaching your content, the less likely they’ll see it and your bounce rate will end up being high. This year, we’re going to see more brands focusing on keeping their users on their websites longer using less clicks than traditionally used before in the past years.

Dynamic Storytelling

As a business, the primary use of your website should be to connect customers to your brand. Telling the story of your brand is an effective way to interact with your future customers. Brands are using dynamic storytelling through the use of videos, images, and text. This effectively helps you communicate the story behind your brand and gets your visitors emotionally involved in your company. This has been found to be a great way to stand out from your competition. Dynamic storytelling has been proving to turn website visitors into customers and we expect to see this trend continue on throughout this year as more brands start to tell their own stories.

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