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7 Biggest Challenges of Web Design in 2017

7 Biggest Challenges of Web Design in 2017

An infographic was published by DesignMantic which outlines some of the biggest challenges of web design in 2017 that every web designer faces on a daily basis.

If you’re looking to get into web design, this infographic will then show you what area’s of concern you’ll be focusing on. If you’re already a web designer, then you should probably already be familiar with this.

Biggest Challenges of Web Design

The Biggest Challenges that Web Designers Will Face.

1. Integration

To allow seamless synchronization with third-party applications.

2. Accessibility

To ensure compliance and make the website ready for elderly or less privileged.

3. Responsive

To serve content across multiple screens and platforms.

4. Security

To safeguard the website against malware, hackers delusion.

5. User Experience

To make sure that the experience is consistently good throughout the website.

6. Speed

To avoid hiccups and slow processing of web pages.

7. Retention

To keep visitors coming back to the website.

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