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IBM Became Serious Competitor in Enterprise Cloud Market

IBM Became Serious Competitor in Enterprise Cloud Market

Microsoft and Amazon have no shortage of mindshare in business decision makers in regards to the public cloud. While Amazon Web Services (AWS) is considered the industry leader, Microsoft hasn’t left any stone unturned to become a cloud-first business with their Azure product line.

Given the depth of these companies portfolio’s, business experts and entrepreneurs agree that Azure and AWS will be the best public cloud platforms for businesses. Both of these companies have already been making continuous strides to consolidate their status within the market. However, Microsoft is inching nearer to Amazon, which is widening the difference between the third and 2nd industry leaders.

What’s IBM’s strategy to eventually become the dominant business cloud platform, leaving behind the competition?

Large stakes come in the form of Cognitive Computing, Blockchain, and the Internet of Things. These services are created on the backs of Watson and Bluemix – their AI and cloud platforms. Both Watson and Bluemix have emerged for the organization as their #1 key distinguishing factors. Bluemix, a service built on the top of the Cloud and OpenStack Foundry, provides PaaS and IaaS abilities. Although, the platform can provide conventional cloud services including networking, storage, and VMs, IBM is stressing on the forward looking use cases around analytics and information.

I got the opportunity to attend this year’s InterConnect in Vegas, the biggest convention that has seen record presence from customers, associates, and programmers. It was fascinating to observe among the earliest tech companies, with IBM making its move to become a modern cloud platform business. Their executives said that they pride themselves on the fact that they’re prepared for the next generation of business workloads.

Ginny Rometty, president, chairman and CEO of IBM, spoke about three critically distinguishing elements: the ability to leverage power, being the first at the forefront of technology, and cognitive intelligence at the center of it all.

Ginny asserted that IBM’s cloud platform delivers security and the scale demanded by companies. IBM is among the few cloud system providers using the greatest footprint with more than 50 data centers present in 20 countries across the world. Additionally, their betting big on hybrid cloud computing that will allow for sensitive workloads to run several programs while transferring data to the public cloud.

IBM is stressing their information-first design that doesn’t use any customer information saved in the cloud for commercial purposes. They claim that competitors are using customer information to become better at training Machine Learning algorithms. Ginny emphasized IBM’s cloud takes into consideration – isolation, information management, and information diversity.

The 3rd stake comes in the form of Cognitive Computing. Ginni asserted that cognitive isn’t a characteristic, but a foundational part of its own cloud platform. IBM is trying to bring AI and IoT closer to scenarios that are exceptional to business verticals, including: automotive, healthcare, and manufacturing sectors.

Progress is being made by IBM in the areas emphasized by Ginni. AT&T is now using IBM’s cloud to simulate a number of scenarios for their company and it’s user connected devices.

On the technology front, the right moves are being made by IBM. IBM has additionally declared MaaS360, a service that’s based Watson which shields smartphones business IT devices, and customer endpoints.

Ginni Rometty has to be valued for her direction in ensuring that IBM is important for the newest era of business intelligence. The company is making large investments in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, infrastructure, and the Blockchain.

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