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The 11 Most Common On-Site SEO Issues Seen in 2016

The 11 Most Common On-Site SEO Issues Seen in 2016

If you are just starting out with on-site SEO or if you consider yourself a seasoned SEO consultant, chances are you’ve probably heard of SEMrush by now. However, if you’ve never heard of them, I can basically sum up what they do in once sentence.

SEMrush provides a set of tools for online digital marketing pro’s to help them audit their web properties and learn how to position them for growth within the major search engines.

During 2016, SEMrush collected anonymous data on 100,000 websites and 450 million pages using their Site Audit Tool to determine top SEO issues and errors. This infographic below, goes over that data and can help you gauge some of the most common on-site SEO issues seen in 2016 and you’ll be able to use that information as we move forward.

On-Site SEO Issues Infographic

An overview of what we just learned from this infographic.

  • 50% of websites have duplicate content issues.
  • 45% of websites are missing ALT attributes on images.
  • 10% of websites have broken internal image links.
  • 35% of websites have duplicate title tags.
  • 8% of websites have missing title tags.
  • 4% of websites do not have enough content in the title tag.
  • 15% of websites have too much content in their title tags.
  • 30% of websites have duplicate meta descriptions.
  • 25% of websites are missing their description meta tags.
  • 25% of websites have broken internal links.
  • 15% of websites have duplicate content with their H! and title.
  • 20% of websites have more than one H1 tag.
  • 20% of websites are missing their H1 tags entirely.
  • 18% of websites have too low of a word count on their pages.
  • 15% of websites have too many on-page links.
  • 12% of websites are missing their language declaration.

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