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Use Common Sense to Stop the Spread of Misinformation

Use Common Sense to Stop the Spread of Misinformation

Spam is a spread of misinformation. It’s telling an idea to someone who doesn’t want to hear it by tricking them.

How did spam get it’s name?

Because the product spam is everywhere. You can find it in supermarkets, truck stops and convenience stores and it’s no good.

Spam is nothing new. People have been hearing and reading stuff they’re not interested in since ancient times.

The misinformation spreads like crazy. One spam tricks one person and moves on to trick their friends.

As people got better at communicating the faster spam would spread. They used your postal mail and the telephone. But now spam is on the internet. Making it more powerful than ever.

It’s time to take a stand against spam.

To stop the misinformation we have to prevent spam before it happens. Spam is always out there. Watching and waiting. But it’s easy to identify if you know what to look for. Stop it before it happens and on the internet, spam is happening everywhere (ex: “Junk emails, instant messages, internet forums and amazing opportunity emails“).

Facebook’s one of the worst breeding grounds for spam. Spammers will get you with pictures and enticing click-bait headlines. You just have to recognize when something on the internet is too good to be true, It’s probably not true and is spam. If you are not sure if it’s misinformation or not there are websites that can help you. Websites, like Snopes tell you if the message you received was a scam, spam or a urban legend.

It’s that easy!

Protect yourself and use common sense to stop the spread of misinformation. If you suspect spam, but are unsure, there are websites out there that will back you up.

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