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About SiteColo

Take charge of your hosting today. This is no toy, or algorithm. This is machine learning powered by artificial intelligence. We are not your ordinary web hosting company. We're a team of Veteran innovators, working to bring together practical Business Solutions - solutions you can count on, depend on, and scale on. Welcome to the future of web hosting, where tomorrow, is now.

SiteColo, is a managed Cloud web hosting company based out of Denver Colorado, with data center in Chicago Illinois. The company focuses on creating proprietary technologies that not only help make the company more efficient, but also drive their customers success. Recently SiteColo announced, the implementation of their artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning ability. Their AI, is reported to do in one day what would normally take less developed systems weeks or even years.

SiteColo strides at creating technologies that matter, that impact their customers bottom line by increasing their profitability, stability, and security - while never compromising performance. In fact, it has been reported - that on average, customers see a 4x increase in overall performance as compared to their previous hosting provider. Over time, as more customers continue use SiteColo's AI, it can only be expected that the quality of service increases. That's the power behind machine learning, and what truly makes SiteColo unique.

Currently SiteColo hosts for small businesses as well as medium and large Enterprises. They not only provide Managed Cloud Hosting Services, they also provide infrastructure as well - for several notable organizations and companies, such as car dealers, religious organizations and more.

The company is currently looking to expand their Network within other states, however their ambition is driving them to go International. The company hopes to take their artificial intelligence and public managed Cloud worldwide.

Operations Center (Denver, CO)

Data Center (Chicago, IL)

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